About digination

"This is what we say all the time"

"Get it done and get it right!"

"It is not a bug, it's called a feature (actually, we don't say this)"

"Looks good to me"

"Just edit it later"

"Who left the dishes in the sink again?"

"We have run out of coffee"

"And the employee of the month is..."

"One eternity later..."

This is what we do all the time

Having fun Stress-free work enviroment is impossible to achieve - yet, we do our best to at least have fun and a good mood.

Awesome work We are always heading towards master-class results in everything we do.

Meeting our deadlines It doesn't matter if it's a big project or a small task. We deliver our promises.

Coffee breaks Not just coffee breaks - we always encourage our people to relax a bit. That's how we cope with all the stress.

Plannings Good planning is the key for achieving great goals. This is why we plan daily.

Strong execution in everyting we do We always do all what is needed to come up with something great.

Innovation in our daily working life Our agile team-management and project-management allow us to quickly adapt and improve, so we are always one step ahead.

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